7 symbolic dates…

A– Before the elections:

  • Friday, March 29th Brexit announcement date also 75th Anniversary of the decapitation of Marius Briant in Berlin, young french resistant teacher, only 22 years old
  • Thursday, April 4th Death of Martin Luther King murdered
  • Saturday, April  6th Successful arrival of the salt march
  • Monday, April   22th World Earth Day
  • Friday, May 10th  1st Day Presidency Nelson Mandela, also French Day of the Abolition of Slaver, and day after Europe Day on May 9 (enjoy it well the day before😉)
  • Thursday, May 16th International Day Of Living Together in Peace
  • Wednesday May22t  – World Biodiversity Day
    Last Minute before elections: following our 7th Fasting proposed for the World Biodiversity Day this Wednesday, May 22, we add 2 proposed days of Fasting to encourage the participation of the greatest number, especially those for whom it is too difficult to fast on weekdays, and also give time to the last European signatories who want to join our initiative, and also with some last possible videos online …
      8 / Friday May 24, Climate strike day for young people and Laudato Si anniversary day for the safeguarding of Creation.
      9 / Saturday 25 May, Day of event for the safeguard of the climate in Europe

B- After the elections:

1- Thursday, July 18, Nelson Mandela Day (anniversary of his 101 years) https://youtu.be/XTbVyM0IfyI
… to which is added the mourning of Johnny Clegg in tribute!
2- Friday, August 9, End of Days of Fasts Against the Atomic Weapon (Hiroshima / Nagasaki Anniversaries) NB + On 9 August 1961, the United Kingdom applies for membership of the EEC.
So: fast also against brexit !!! https://youtu.be/Z6jWEuEtlMU
3- Saturday, September 28, End of the World Climate Change Week (September 20 to 27)
    International Day of the Right of Access to Information… so against the fakenews!
And Anniversary 1st day for “Good Save the Queen”… Then: fast again against brexit !!!
4- Wednesday, October 2nd, International Day of Non-violence, Anniversary of 150 years of Gandhi, 1st day of the Jai Jagat World March in Delhi-Geneva! https://www.jaijagat2020.org/
5- Friday, October 18, fasting support for the March “Let’s stay human” arriving the next day in Rome!
https://www.marciarestiamoumani.org Also International Day for Conflict Resolution
and watch the mobilization in London against the brexit https://www.peoples-vote.uk/let_us_be_heard
6- Saturday 9 November, 30th anniversary of the non-violent fall of the Berlin Wall!
7- Wednesday 18 December: International Migrants Day

Reminder: each voluntary fasting follows as he wants, the number of times he can, these 7 proposals!

Ela Gandhi

Marius Briand

benjamin joyeux

Samuel Grsywoski

Samuel Grsywoski

Michel Lafouasse

Olivier de Shutter

Edouard Gaudot

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Gordon Oliver

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