Hello everyone,
Our initiative was intended to build up power until the European elections!
Halfway was achieved with 56 first signatories and 18 videos!
From July 1st, 7 new symbolic dates of fasts will be proposed to you!
Would you like to support this call of the 112 signatories of the European Fast?
You can now donate via Hello Asso to support our structure:
website fees (webmaster), travel expenses for film shoots, and other fees for video editing or various communications! Thank you very much ! It’s here :

Our call for 112 European citizens and the world is a collective that obviously does not have a legal entity. This is the reason why its initiator Gilles Changeon, proposed to the Association Peace on the Move, whose objective is to mediate the Non-violence Active since 2008, to become the legal and financial support of this citizen initiative in this European spring 2020!
Your donation entitles you to a tax reduction of 66% in France, and a tax receipt will be sent to you anyway, including for your respective rights in your country, even outside France …

You can continue to communicate our existence around you … friends, activists, media …
You can also request your membership in our Francophone Facebook group
You can write to us in the contact box from this site for all inquiries, help towards potential signatories of your country, etc … http: //


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Samuel Grsywoski

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