Volunteers fasters can fast one day, severals days, or even seven days…

Everyone is free. Also free for everyone to fast 24 hours in the water, fast 24 hours of cigarettes, alcohol, TV, smartphone, car, Facebook, Twitter, series, video games, or any addictions … or even to keep silence for 24 hours as mahatma Gandhi did once a week … The bottom line if you want to become a voluntary fasting person is simply to make the decision to fast, then really start fasting, then finally have the strength to stick to the end, and here bravo: it will be a day of winning!
The proposed fasting days are of course indicative, and preferably in osmosis all together, but everyone is free to choose these days and to join us at all times!

To reach 24 hours, we can for example fast from 20h the day before D-Day at 20h the next day!

Fasting a glass of water on an empty-plate
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Samuel Grsywoski

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